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My ACHS Patient Portal

My ACHS Portal provides secure, online access to your personal medical information. My ACHS Portal will allow patients to:
  • Send secure electronic messages to their healthcare team.

  • Request appointments.

  • View visit summaries.

  • View lab results and vitals.

  • Access healthcare resources.

  • View a family member’s medical record (authorization required).

How Do I Set Up An Account on My ACHS Portal?

Patients who are interested in setting up an account should contact ACHS registration staff. They will ask for an email address, and have you pick and answer a security question. You will then receive an email with an invitation to set up an account on My ACHS Portal.

How Do I Claim My Invitation?

Open the email and click on the link that says, “Accept Invitation to My ACHS Portal.” This will direct you to the My ACHS Patient Portal account set up page.You will be asked to provide information to verify your identity and set a password for your account.
Can I view a family member's health record in My ACHS Portal?

Parents or guardians can view the medical record of their child, up to age 13, in My ACHS Portal. After age 13, the proxy access (for the parent or guardian) will need to be reauthorized by the child. Individuals that have Legal Guardianship or Durable Power of Attorney for a family member can request proxy access. An authorization form will need to be completed for each proxy access request. Proof of legal guardianship and durable power of attorney is required for authorization.

I don't have any information in My ACHS Portal account. Why?

You will only have medical information in your portal account if you have been seen at the hospital since June 9, 2014. Previous medical information is “pre-loaded” into your health record prior to your visit, but that information is not loaded into your portal. Only information that has been recorded in our new electronic health record will be included in My ACHS Portal. Additionally, to protect your privacy, not all medical information from your health record is released to the patient portal.

Why are my results listed in metric values?

In health care, it is common practice to use the metric system. Unfortunately, we are unable to convert this data for viewing in My ACHS Portal. If you would like to convert the values, please utilize one of the many conversion tools that can be found online.

Portal Features, Technical Questions

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Passwords can be reset without having to contact ACHS. Please visit the login page website Adair County Health System (healtheintent.com) and click on the Forgot Password link to reset your password or call Cerner at 1-877-621-8014.

Is My ACHS Portal secure?

Adair County Health System takes great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. The authorization process is controlled through a secure invitation process, personal ID’s and passwords.

What or who is Cerner?

Cerner is the electronic health information management company that provides Adair County Health System with the Electronic Health Record from your office visit or hospital stay. This electronic system has replaced paper charting, which was used in the past

How can I bookmark My ACHS Portal?

I want to bookmark or set a favorite link to the My ACHS Portal Login page. What is the best link to save the portal website?  Adair County Health System (healtheintent.com)


Please contact any ACHS registration staff member at the following locations: