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The radiology department at ACHS offers cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure the highest level of testing and accurate diagnoses.


To provide the highest level of testing and screening to ensure the most accurate diagnoses, which  allows providers and patients to plan the appropriate course of action and treatment.


Computerized Tomography (CT)
Computerized tomography (CT, CT scan or CAT scan) produces more detailed images of your internal organs than general X-Ray exams. CT is used to help pinpoint location of a tumor, infection, blood clot, kidney stones and more; detect and monitor diseases such as cancer or heart disease; and detect internal injuries and bleeding.
Ultrasound is the use of high frequency sound waves directed into the body with the use of a transducer. The transducer transmits the sound waves and receives echoes back from body tissues forming images.
A mammogram is a low dose X-Ray of the breast. This safe and effective first step in detecting breast cancer is routine and can often identify pathology in a breast long before a physical examination.
Bone Densitometry
Bone densitometry, which is a test that measures bone density in a person's body, is extremely helpful in diagnosing and evaluating osteoporosis and osteopenia.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
ACHS uses a mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) service. MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create cross-sectional images of the body part in question. Providers use these images to identify and diagnose a wide range of conditions.
Nuclear Medicine
ACHS also utilizes a mobile Nuclear Medicine Imaging service. Nuclear Medicine is the use of radioactive materials for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of diseases and disorders.


ACHS’s specially trained technologists conduct a wide variety of procedures, including general radiography, CTs, mammograms, MRIs, ultrasounds and bone densitometry. Images, which are all-digital in format, are read remotely by board-certified radiologists at MercyOne Medical Center.


Some tests and screenings may be scheduled without a provider referral, while others require a referral. Call the radiology department during regular business hours to check on referral requirements and to schedule an appointment.

Phone: 641-743-7211

Monday – Friday, 7:00am - 5:30pm
Available for ER and Urgent Care 24/7